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Jules Engel
Documentary film

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DESCRIPTION: You may have never heard of Jules Engel, but his behind-the-scenes influence on anyone who loves animation and film have been tremendous!

Read what the Creator and Executive Producer of SpongeBob SquarePants has to say about his Mentor ...

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Janeann Dill and Jules Engel at Tobey Moss Gallery, April 1998
   JULES ENGEL was a Master Artist and Filmmaker whose abstract paintings and films paved a visionary path for over six decades in the varied disciplines of experimental animation and fine arts (painting, printmaking, sculpture). 

    Born in Budapest, Engel’s films and lithographs are housed in the Museum of Modern Art (New York) the David Rockefeller Collection (New York), the Chicago Institute of Art, the Hirshorn Museum (Washington, D.C.) and numerous collections worldwide.  Engel’s personal films have garnered accolades from Hiroshima Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival, National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Cannes Film Festival (France), Cardiff Film Festival (U.K.) and Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada), to name a few.  Engel’s career spans the spectrum of designing choreography for the Russian and Chinese dance sequences  in Walt Disney’s Fantasia to creating over thirty personal films. As one of the founding staff members at UPA (United Productions America), he was instrumental in the creation of such animated films as Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoing Boing.  With his production company co-owned with Herb Klynn and Buddy Getzler, Format Films, Engel's work was nominated for an Academy Award for an Oscar to go to an animation in the short-film category scripted by Ray Bradbury, Icarus Montgolfier Wright.  His live-action experimental film, Coaraze, received the French Oscar, the Jean Vigo Award

    As a mentor, Engel was proud of his work as the Founding Director of the Experimental Animation Department and Institute Fellow at California Institute of the Arts when he was honored for his excellence in teaching by the National Film Board of Canada with the Norman McLaren Heritage Award.  Engel’s creative life and body of work continue to inspire generations of international artists in all disciplines who emulate the artistic standards he exemplified as a fine artist in experimental animation.

  Jules Engel embodied a finely tuned aesthetic as an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and mentor.  In his ninety-four years of life, Engel secured his place in the art history of Early California Modernism and in experimental animation as a pivotal agent in their evolution.  Dearly beloved as a mentor by four generations of students and colleagues, a touching tribute published by the Animation World Network was paid to Jules Engel at his death on September 13, 2003.  

   March 11, 2009 is Jules Engel's 100th birthday year and IIACI is celebrating his legacy!

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ELEGY FOR JULES by Janeann Dill 00:03:45 ©2007

"Not a biggie!" as Jules would say ... with this piece I send
soft thoughts for a dear soul and teacher.

March 2009 marks the beginning of Jules Engel's 100th Birthday year.  He died in 2003 at ninety-four after having just completed a suite of eleven lithographs; a master artist and mentor for over three generations of students.   

I created this little digital film for cellphone distribution.  It is without screen titles (yet) but I am the experimental animation artist-digital photographer-filmmaker and Brian Evans is the composer/arranger of the sound track.  This little digital film falls into the genre of 'visual music'  l i t e r a l l y :  the software took "visual slices" of my photographic images and assigned value/hue, ranging from black to white, to assign a value/hue of sound to approximate the visuals. The timing of the visual images determined the timing of the sound.

Visual sound score generated by Brian Evans from J. Dill's timed screen images