Janeann Dill, Ph.D., MFA, MA

Founder and CCO

The artist is a creative intellectual,
not an inspired idiot. 
1956 Brown Report, Harvard University

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IIACI: Institute for Interdisciplinary Art
and Creative Intelligenc

IIACI (pronounced ee-ah'-chee) is a virtual ThinkTank, arts studio, colloquium and global concept explicitly committed to a twenty-first century vision of the artist, the scientist, and the technologist as creative thinkers who animate a conscious decision to engage the intuitive and the intellectual in simultaneity. The Institute's mission is to support research strategies that lead to a sustainable Ecology of Creative Intelligence in higher education, mentorship, creativity and internship in the arts across the disciplines.

The Institute does not distribute, rent or barter contact information. 
Institute for Interdisciplinary Art and Creative Intelligence
Janeann Dill, phd, mfa, ma
Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Institute Director


Jules Engel Biographical Project
Stephen Hillenburg
Mark Osborne

Henry and Heather Selick

 Endowed Think Tank Project
Adam Knight

(pronounced ee - ah'- chee)

A virtual ThinkTank and consultancy advancing creative intelligence, praxis and critical studies across the disciplines.